Mailer Giveaway - Carolina Closing Gifts
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Maybe next time...

Thanks for playing!

Hey, you didn’t win this time, but there is still much to gain from this mailer!

See below or browse around the site to learn about everything we have to offer. We hope to grow our client relationships and grow your book of business simultaneously!

Follow up program

We want to make sure your clients don’t forget your name. One of the best ways to remind them of your excellent service is with follow-up touches. With our follow-up program, you can choose the kind of follow-ups that suit you and your business:

  • Client birthdays
  • New home anniversary
  • Sets for Sellers (includes 3 gifts)
  • Sets for Buyers (includes 4 gifts)

Keep your name and business on the top of your client’s minds!

Loyalty Program

When a past client is recommending your services to others, why not show your gratitude for those referrals in the form of a gift? We offer high-quality referral gifts that your budget and your clients will love.

If you have clients who have recommended you more than once, or have personally used your services more than once, you can also take advantage of our Loyal Client Program. With every referral or personal transaction, your clients will get a new piece of Cutco, eventually, building a full set! Best part? You just tell us who to send it to, and we take care of the rest!

Hands-Free Delivery

We understand that with the popularity of virtual meetings, a lot of agents are not attending in-person closings. How do you show your appreciation for your client when you don’t see them in person? Our Hands-Free Delivery Program gets your closing gifts directly to your client’s front door. This also allows you to personalize each gift for your client, adding to the “wow” factor. Let us save you some trips to the post office!