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Foster Care Join the Village Campaign
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A campaign for foster care

Starting on May 4th Carolina Closing Gifts is launching a 2-week campaign to raise funds for a non-profit here in Charlotte.

“It takes a village to raise a child…”
Last year, during this campaign, we raised nearly $9,000 to put toward an education fund for our foster son at the time, K. We were blown away by the generosity of our friends, family and our clients. May is National Foster Care Month, and as many of you know, we fostered for 2 years just after having our first biological child. As foster parents, we learned of a non-profit that launched a few years ago called Foster Village Charlotte. Their goal is to provide resources, classes, support groups, social events and much-needed supplies to assist foster families – to be part of the village that it takes to raise a child.

Watch this video to learn more about Foster Village.

An Essential Business

Nearly half of foster families quit within their first year. This isn’t due to extreme circumstances or because the child was bad. This happens largely because of a lack of support that these families have in their community and city. After all, they signed up for it – why should others help when things get hard? Enter Foster Village. Men and women from around our city are ready step in, no matter the hour, because they know how essential – and few – foster families are, especially in a city like Charlotte where the children in care far exceed the available homes.

Foster Village runs on donations, and this is where you come in. 10% of all sales during this campaign will go directly to Foster Village. During this campaign, part of the money you would already be spending on gifts will go toward providing supplies, paying licensed counselors for therapeutic support, and creating a community for these families to connect with each other.

This is the prime time to place your first ever Cutco order, or stock up on your gifts if you’re running low. It’s also a perfect opportunity to finally get Cutco for you home or complete that block!

Mix and Match + quantity discounts on select products

MAY 4 – MAY 15


  • Because of COVID-19 we are sweetening the deals and lowering the minimums. Our minimum is now 4 gifts, no matter which gift you select (instead of 6 or 10), and we have our best ever quantity discounts to help offset the challenges that COVID-19 has created on our businesses.

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  • When we said goodbye to Kashton (formally known here as “K-man” – prior to his adoption!) in September of 2019, we were anticipating having a baby January 2020. My wife Brittany was pregnant with our second daughter, Hannah Kathleen Facinoli. But as many know, we......

  • Typically, when you decide as a family to say “yes” to welcoming in a foster child, it’s almost impossible to know just how long of a commitment you’re agreeing to. It could be 3 months, and it could be 2 years. In NC, the goal......

  • After a year of marriage, and while we had the extra space, Brittany and I decided to dive into foster care. We felt a call to begin fostering before starting a biological family. But, as God would have it, mid way through the certification process,......


More than half of foster children will reunify with their parent.
30% of foster children are placed with a relative.
Over 20,000 youth age out annually without finding a forever family.
Over 70% of 17-year-old foster youth aspire to go to college.