Partnerships - Carolina Closing Gifts
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Cutco Cutlery
Wilmy Vet Boards

Cutco Cutlery®

Our goal for your client appreciation strategy is not to communicate luxury, but quality. We believe that our clients are the heartbeat of our success, and we trust you feel the same about yours’. Because of this, we want you to give a lasting gift that will span much further than that closing. Cutco offers an option that will, quite literally, last forever. These kitchen knives are made here in the United States and are the only knives with a forever-guarantee. Should a knife break, dull or rust, Cutco will repair or replace the knife for free. This even applies to knives that are passed down from generation to generation. With your company’s logo and/or information intricately engraved on a knife that your client will use and share with family and guests, your service and business will remain top of mind while offering a gift of appreciation that they are sure to love and use regularly. We realize that gift ideas are a dime a dozen, and throughout the years, there will be endless new options that your clients will love. But at Carolina Closing Gifts, we believe that a universal, timeless gift that has a dual purpose will remain the best option for every client, every time.

All of our reps are Cutco Independent Closing Gift Consultants.

Wilmy Vet Boards

We partner with a third-party gifting and engraving company that specializes in other custom gifts such as Wilmy Vet cutting boards, tumblers, wine boxes, metal thank-you cards, and several other gift options. Many of our clients use these gifts to supplement their Cutco to create packages or baskets, do follow-up campaigns or send referral or holiday gifts.