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We’re hiring!

Outside Sales Representative (OSR)

Job description:

The primary role of this team member is to increase sales by bringing in new business. This team member will be selling Cutco and 3rd party closing gifts to Realtors and business owners. Our goal is that our products, systems and services will serve to help our Realtor clients in their own client retention and customer appreciation.

The OSR will sell in-person and at virtual appointments with his/her new clients, which will come in through his/her lead generation of Real Estate offices in the given territory. Many offices have team meetings that allow our reps to come present to their agents. There are also other events, such as trainings, trade shows and networking events that are open for the OSR to seek out

The right candidate for this role:
  • enjoys working with people.
  • is a self motivator.
  • is able to generate his/her own leads.
  • is polite and motivated on the phone.
  • is skilled at presenting to a group of people 5-500+.


*Note certain territories have already been secured*

Inside Sales Associate (ISA)

Job description:

The primary role of this team member is to maintain our client relationships, manage reorders, up-sell on orders, schedule appointment and events for the sales reps, and generally increase the value of our service for our current client base.

Each Outside Sales Representative has his/her own client base. The ISA would ensure that these clients are satisfied with their gifts, are fully stocked, and feel appreciated.

The ISA will be in charge of maintenance calls, scheduling events and appointments, and working with our designer to manage the team’s marketing communication (emails, texts, postcards, etc.).

The right candidate for this role:
  • is a great team player.
  • is comfortable on the phone.
  • is a quick learner with a desire to grow professionally and personally.
  • is friendly and polite, with a client-first approach.

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch regarding next steps.

We are always looking to add new talent to the Carolina Closing Gifts team. If you think you could add value to our company and mission, please fill out the application and we will be in touch.

Please also take the DISC Profile and send results to

Thank you for applying!