2nd Annual Join the Village Campaign - Carolina Closing Gifts
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A campaign for foster care

Starting on April 26th, Carolina Closing Gifts is launching a 2-week campaign to raise funds for a non-profit that serves the foster community in North Carolina.

“It takes a village to raise a child…”
Last year, during this campaign, we raised $4,000 for Foster Village Charlotte, a local non-profit that supports foster families in Charlotte! May is National Foster Care Month, and as many of you know, we have now been foster parents for 3 years. We recently connected with Least of These Carolinas through a foster care conference. Their mission, much like Foster Village, is to provide clothes, shoes, scholarships, camps and various other significant resources to help foster families wade the waters – to partner with families as part of the village that it takes to raise a child. Our goal this year is to raise 5,000 for Least of These Carolinas to help support their growth and commitment to the foster community here in NC and SC!

Quantity discounts on gift sets

APRIL 26 – MAY 14


  • Minimum of 6 gifts

    • Buy 10 + 2 more gifts for free

    • Buy 16 + 4 free

    • Buy 25 + 6 free

    • Buy 36 + 8 free

    • Buy 50 + 13 free

    • Buy 75 + 19 free

    • Buy 100 + 30 free

    • Buy 150 + 45 free

    • Buy 200 + 60 free

    First 10 orders get FREE shipping!


    • 3 24-hour sales throughout the campaign

    • Look out for texts and emails for flash sales!

    • Big sales on block sets, flatware and single pieces!


  • After a year of marriage, and while we had the extra space, Brittany and I decided to dive into foster care. We felt a call to begin fostering before starting a biological family. But, as God would have it, mid way through the certification process,......

  • Typically, when you decide as a family to say “yes” to welcoming in a foster child, it’s almost impossible to know just how long of a commitment you’re agreeing to. It could be 3 months, and it could be 2 years. In NC, the goal......

  • When we said goodbye to Kashton (formally known here as “K-man” – prior to his adoption!) in September of 2019, we were anticipating having a baby January 2020. My wife Brittany was pregnant with our second daughter, Hannah Kathleen Facinoli. But as many know, we......

Foster Parent Interviews

Get an inside look at the experience of some foster families in our network from these interviews we did during the Join the Village Campaign in 2020.