Carolina Closing Gifts - Experts in client appreciation
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We believe in the importance of sincere gratitude. That’s why we work to equip real estate professionals with the best-of-the-best closing gifts and referral gifts. With our expertise, premium products, and gifting strategies, your brand and business will expand with each closing.

Gifting strategies

There is more than one way to show appreciation to your clients. We can help you decide which is the best approach to best reach your clientele.

At the closing table

Order your gifts in advance and keep a stock of gifts to have in-hand and ready to give out when your closing day arrives.

Hands-Free Delivery

Set up your gifts with our Hands-Free Delivery Program, and have a gift delivered to each client’s front door.


Give a gift at the closing table, but don’t stop there. At varying points throughout their first year in their new home, send a touch as a way to stay top of mind. Customize your campaign, and we will handle the shipping for you.

Perks Program

This automatic service will ensure that you are always stocked with gifts for your closings. Plus, you’ll get all the perks of this program with substantial savings.

Why we believe in Cutco

We believe that our clients are the heartbeat of our success, and we trust you feel the same about yours’. Because of this, we want you to give a lasting gift that will span much further than that closing. Cutco offers an option that will, quite literally, last forever. With your company’s information intricately engraved on a knife that your client will use and share with family and guests, your service and business will remain top of mind while offering a gift of appreciation that they are sure to love and use regularly. We believe that a universal, timeless gift that has a dual purpose will remain the best option for every client, every time.

CUTCO Features


Theo Facinoli

Director of Sales

Having worked with Cutco since 2009, and working with realtors since 2013, Theo brings experience and expertise to the closing gifts industry. His primary focus is developing and training other area directors on how to love their clients well, and serve them with integrity. He also helps his admin staff to develop marketing campaigns for the team to stay in communication with you, our beloved clients!

Brittany Facinoli

Creative Director
Marketing and Design

Brittany, wife of Theo, handles all things design! Everything you see, went through her hands and was polished with finesse. Thanks to her many years in an ad agency, our advertising and supplemental services can be just as beautiful as our products.

Laura Gardner

Sales: Gifting Strategist
Charlotte, NC

Laura has been a Cutco Sales Professional for 8 years, and has been working with realtors and business owners for the last 3 years. Her bright personality and attention to detail helps her deliver exceptional service to her clients. She is passionate about gift strategy and retention by way of genuine appreciation. She excels in customizing gift strategy plans for each client’s individual business.

Cam Fields

Sales: Business Gifts

We also work with business owners outside of the Real Estate industry, and Cam is our go-to professional in the business gift world. He will work with you and your team to strategize about ways to collect referrals, customer reviews and leave an impact on prospective clients. True to our brand, he does all of this from a gift-giving and appreciation perspective.

Elisabeth Herrin

Executive Assistant
Email Elisabeth

Elisabeth’s eye for detail and tenacious researching skills ensure that our sales reps each have accurate information regarding their clients, which allows them to provide the excellent customer service that Carolina Closing Gifts is known for.  She loves providing support to the sales team, allowing them to be even more successful.

Becky Creswell

Content Creator + Account Manager
Email Becky

As Content Creator, Becky makes sure our communication as a company is clear and effective, whether it’s an Instagram post or an email. With an eye for detail and a knack for problem solving, she is also the right-hand of our sales reps. She serves each customer every step of the way with joy. Her goal is to be a helpful resource and support in our clients gift-giving occasions.

Lisa Herrin

Client Care Manager
Email Lisa

Lisa enjoys building a more personal relationship with clients and attending to their specific needs. Her love of organization and attention to detail help with giving clients the best service every time.